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Nigel T Best presents...

BUILD your $5k-a-month Membership

Create a Membership in days that generates $000s a month for years!

$5k a month. Every month. That is our target in the $5k Membership training!

We've all subscribed to something! 

The membership model works. So why not take advantage and BUILD your business around a membership.

BUT maybe you're not sure what your membership would be or how to set it up or how to market it?

Relax because in this training you will:

  • Clarify what your membership will be

  • Create your Membership site (and website and all the other bits!)

  • Create your message and learn how to market your Membership (inc. Facebook ads!)

  • Confidence in creating and delivering your Membership content

My goal in this training is to help you BUILD your dream Membership business.

Can you imagine the transformation if your Membership generates recurring monthly revenue of $000s?!

If you want to start that transformation then join me in the $5k Membership training now. 

Is it the right time?

My dear friend, there has never been a better time to create an online business!

People want to pay to buy your products and services AND they really want to learn what you know!

The question you probably have is "how do I actually share it online with my customers??"

That is why Groove.Builders are here!

Our aim is to help you achieve your online business dreams.

So if you want to finally nail your Website, Membership, Blog, Videos, emails, etc and start growing a monthly recurring income - it starts now!

Click the button and BUILD your Membership future ✅

Start Learning

What You Will Learn

  • How to choose your niche

  • How to create the content your members will love 

  • What software you need and how to get a Free (for life!!) account 

  • How to set up the Membership Portal

  • How to connect a Checkout to collect the money 

  • How to sell, deliver and look after your amazing members

  • Course Created by

    Nigel T Best

    Nigel, the friendly entrepreneur, is an accountant, coach, podcaster, investor, 7 figure businessman.

    BUILD your Membership NOW!

    Here's What You Get With This  Training

  • Online Step-by-Step Training Videos (valued at $1,497)

  • 6 months access to our own BUILD Membership (valued at $294)

  • 6 months access to EXCLUSIVE $5k-A-Month Live Q&A sessions (valued at $2,997)

  • BONUS Worksheets (valued at $97)

  • BONUS Checklists (valued at $97)

  • Total Value of the $5k Membership is a lot! Nearly $5,000! But that is your Target Revenue. Every. Single. Month!

    We love to see people succeed and BUILD something amazing. Are you ready to BUILD your future?

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    • Build a steady stream of client leads that are qualified and easier to close.

    • Break the vicious cycle of figuring out where your next clients are coming from.

    • Level-up your digital marketing knowledge to better service your clients.

    • Use your website to generate more traffic and leads.

    • Use your traffic and turn it into a system for converting visits into leads.


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    Jarryd - Design

    Kurtis - Tech


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